My intention is to review new books and films, as well as to take a fresh look at older works and share my appreciation for them. Books are precious; they contain new ideas, convey information, enable one to see things from a different perspective (if one reads them with an open mind). To be honest, I sometimes worry that people do not read anymore. Sure, the New York Times Bestseller List surely proves my concern is irrelevant. However, do all the people who buy those books and make the number of copies sold rise, actually read the books, I wonder. I consider myself a fairly enthusiastic reader, and I admit that I buy books with the intention of reading them, and sometimes do not open them for many days, weeks, months. Or, in some cases, the book simply does not hold my interest, so I certainly cannot claim to have read it. And what is to become of the classics, or even some older books which may not be considered classics, but which may be quite good and interesting anyway? Do we pay attention to these books? I am wondering how many of you consider yourselves avid readers, moderate readers, or non-readers. Do you purchase new books and never get through them? Do you read the classics or older books? Leave behind a comment, if you do not mind.

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