Content versus Style

For me, no matter how captivating the plot of a book is, if it is not well-written, I really cannot enjoy it. It will therefore not make a good impression on me; I will read it solely to find out what happens in the story. If I am able to get through the entire book, I will most likely toss it aside and never read it again (or sell it on Amazon:).
The best book, of course, and the best kind of writer, is one who combines exquisite writing with intriguing and unique content. At times, such writers are able to capture a human emotion or thought so subtle, that they bring to light ideas which may be buried deep in our subconscious, or things we have felt in our lives and have never been able to put into words. They inspire us. These are the types of authors that I most admire. For this reason, Ray Bradbury, Paulo Coelho and Joanne Harris are among my favorites. These authors weave their vocabulary so incredibly that the sentence itself becomes a work of art. Here are some examples from two of my favorite novels.
"But still, we raced faster as the years wore on, staying a month, two at the most, then moving on like fugitives facing the sunset. It took me some years to understand that it was death we fled." [Chocolat by Joanne Harris, Penguin Putnam Inc., 1999]
"Somewhere in him, a shadow turned mournfully over. You had to run with a night like this, so the sadness could not hurt." [Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, Harper Collins, 1999]

Which is more important to you when reading and rating a book: content or style? What authors do you feel excel in both aspects?

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