The Fictional Hero

I think the reason we love the heroes in books and movies so much is simply this - most of us are cowards; that is, there are things we want to say in our lives that we sometimes hold back because of our inhibitions, or because of the potential consequences. For example, I might refrain from mouthing off to my boss about something because I fear the consequence, i.e. getting fired! The heroes in books and movies do what we have not the courage to do, and say what we have not the strength to say. We worship these characters for acting in situations the way we wish we could act, were there not consequences. We all love the down-trodden employee who finally stands up to his boss at the end of a movie, because most of us have to answer to managers and supervisors that do not treat us exactly how we want to be treated, and tell us to do things that we do not agree with. We love the character who has the courage to step off the "beaten path," and live out her life the way she wants to, even though it means taking a big risk, much like the hero in the movie Jerry MacGuire. This is the reason why I love Fight Club so much; for aren't many of us (in some ways) like Edward Norton's character? We imagine ourselves doing the things which we know are brave and/or crazy; we want to be Tyler Durden, but are too afraid. Who is your favorite fictional hero? Why and how do you relate to him or her?

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