Bad Movie Review: Hollywood Homicide kills my evening...

Tonight, I was flipping through the stations on TV, and caught a glimpse of a Harrison Ford movie. I did not know what it was, but since Harrison Ford was starring in it, I thought, well, there is probably some merit to it....
An hour and a half later, I sit on my couch, shocked that Ford would choose to act in such a lame movie, shocked further still, that I have continued to watch it, like the scene of a bad car accident that one cannot turn away from (which is actually in the movie). Here is my interpretation: Ford plays a LAPD cop who moonlights as a real estate agent. Or, rather than moonlighting, he seems to conduct his real estate duties alternately during his police shift. His partner, Josh Hartnett, moonlights as a yoga instructor, but is also an aspiring actor who rehearses his lines while on duty. The dialogue is peppered with lines that I can only guess are supposed to be funny, but are actually trite and unoriginal.
During the "chase scene" which dominates the last thirty minutes or so of the movie, Ford is actually on his cell phone trying to broker a high-end real estate deal between two clients, and continues to take calls while shooting at suspects. After Ford crashes the car during the chase, Hartnett commendeers an SUV with a family still inside of it, and tells the children horror stories as he drives. Later, the chase continues on foot, and Ford ends up in a subway station in pursuit of the criminals. This is odd, because I do not think Los Angeles even has subways?!! In any case, they end up catching the criminals and Ford closes his real estate deal.
The movie wraps up with a scene from a play that Hartnett is starring in (A Streetcar Named Desire). During the play, both Hartnett and Ford (who is attending the play) get calls from the LAPD and off they go.
Have you seen this movie? If so, why did you watch it?;)
Has there been a movie that you have watched simply because it starred an actor you favored, only to leave you feeling disappointed?

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Scripter said...

I later checked, and it turns out L.A. does have a subway system! I never knew:)